Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions

Muscle Wire Sample

Just thought I’d post up a small video of something that I’m working on. This is muscle wire embedded into knit wool. And as a reminder, I’m teaching a class on how to use muscle wire on June 28th at Site 3. The deadline for registration is June 22nd! You can get more details at […]

Muscle Wire Class on June 28th

  I’m going to be teaching a class about how to use muscle wire (specifically, Flexinol) on Thursday, June 28th (7-10pm) at Site3 in Toronto. Above is a video of Under The Surface, one of my pieces that contains muscle wire. Here’s a brief description: Muscle wire is a shape memory alloy. When a current […]

Associate Artist-in-Residence at Site3

I officially start my associate residency at Site3 today. I’m hoping to actually update this blog with images of things that I am working on! I’m going to be experimenting with new methods of constructing soft circuits. Site3 has some really awesome equipment, and I can’t wait to use it. I’ll be posting some more […]