Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions

c_anemone, a line of flexible, washable, handmade circuit boards

I’m very excited to announce my newest project, c_anemone! c_anemone is a line of flexible, washable, handmade circuit boards designed to be used in wearable electronic projects. c_anemone is inspired by sea creatures that gather together to form larger, integrated colonies called siphonophores. These jellyfish-like creatures, composed of sea anemones, work together as a group […]

Atomic Lollipop 2012 Programming

Note for July 11th: Times have been updated, now that the official schedule is out. At Atomic Lollipop this year, I’m going to be presenting a panel and teaching a workshop on electronic textiles! The panel runs from 3-4pm on Saturday (July 14th). Almost a Cyborg: Intro to Electronic Clothing (Spartan)  Ever wondered what it’s […]

Muscle Wire Sample

Just thought I’d post up a small video of something that I’m working on. This is muscle wire embedded into knit wool. And as a reminder, I’m teaching a class on how to use muscle wire on June 28th at Site 3. The deadline for registration is June 22nd! You can get more details at […]

Associate Artist-in-Residence at Site3

I officially start my associate residency at Site3 today. I’m hoping to actually update this blog with images of things that I am working on! I’m going to be experimenting with new methods of constructing soft circuits. Site3 has some really awesome equipment, and I can’t wait to use it. I’ll be posting some more […]

Toronto Wearables Meetup 12

I was invited back to the Toronto Wearables Meetup this month to show one of my pieces. Following the artist talks, a few people (including me) who have spoken about their works during past meetups will be showing their work.

Toronto Wearables 11 Follow-Up

I had an awesome time speaking at the Toronto Wearables Meeupup on January 11th! I just got some photos from my talk, so I thought I would post them up. Erin Lewis also wrote a great summary of what I talked about in my speech. You can see it at this link. The photos in […]

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning

I am going to be speaking about electronic textiles and my work on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning show tomorrow morning (January 11th) at 7:20am EST. You can also stream CBC Radio 1 from their website:  

Toronto Wearables Meetup 11

I will be speaking about my work at the Toronto Wearables Meetup at OCAD on January 11th, 2012. It starts at 7pm at the Social Body Lab (205 Richmond St W., 6th Floor, Room 7602). Update as of January 11th: The talk has been moved to room 7514, on the 5th floor. Some information about […]


I’ve added a project that I finished a few months ago and finally got around to taking photos of: The Glowworm is an object that can be worn in many ways. It is commonly worn around the neck, similar to a scarf or a tie. It can also be worn around the waist, arm, or […]

Siphonophorae, Mimicry, and Videos

I’ve added photos and videos from my show to a website that I made specifically for the show, The show went pretty well, although making the mannequins and setting up the hanging system was a lot more work than I had expected. Thanks to everyone who helped me set up in the gallery! I’ve […]