Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions

c_anemone, a line of flexible, washable, handmade circuit boards


I’m very excited to announce my newest project, c_anemone! c_anemone is a line of flexible, washable, handmade circuit boards designed to be used in wearable electronic projects. c_anemone is inspired by sea creatures that gather together to form larger, integrated colonies called siphonophores. These jellyfish-like creatures, composed of sea anemones, work together as a group to perform tasks.

Pile o' Boards

There are currently three different types of boards, the main microcontroller, a rainbow LED, and a rainbow pixel board. The microcontroller can be programmed through the Arduino IDE. You can find the hardware and software libraries on the official c_anemone website. These libraries allow you to use the pin labels printed on the microcontroller. The library also contains Arduino sketches to show you how to use each type of board.

I have laser cut and assembled each individual circuit board. Because these boards are handmade, each one looks a little different.

These circuit boards can be sewn into clothing without having to worry about a rigid circuit board pressing against the wearer. They can also be safely washed (be sure to remove the battery first!) making it a bit more practical for every day wear.

It is my goal to make these boards more accessible to those who have little experience with electronics. I plan to make more types of boards (including one to control muscle wire) and a proper USB uploader for the microcontroller, to make it easier to upload programs to the board.

Check out the c_anemone website for more technical details, and information about where to buy c_anemone products. Also, come check out my table at DigifestTO on May 10th to see them in action!

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