Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions

Brampton Art Fair

I’m in another craft show! I’m going to be at the Brampton Art Fair on November 22nd from 9am-4pm. The Brampton Art Fair is going to be held at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario. Here is a link to a map and directions. I’m going to be selling pretty much everything that’s in shop, […]


This is my first project of the school year, and it’s finally coming to an end. Just finished up with the photos for this last weekend. The aim was to make 6 different samples for a collection that could possibily be made into clothing. This was the theme: New Atlantide: Be inspired by the legend […]

Cyborg Scarf

I finished this project a few days ago. It’s knitted and crocheted, with electrical wire and normal wool yarn. I’ve uploaded some finished pictures, and some pictures from the making of it as well. I called it the Cyborg Scarf because I wanted it to look like a really elegant scarf from first glance, but […]

Men’s Dress Shirt Workshop

Did a workshop today with Jill Harrop at school. We used men’s dress shirts and transformed them into new clothing. It was a ton of fun to do, and I really enjoyed working this way. I worked on these with a classmate. The above photos are my favorite. I’m going to be sewing this into […]

Scarf in Progress

Working on a project! Hope to have it done in a few days, hooray!